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Sao Tome and Principle: 6 Days, 5 Nights


São Tomé is a really really small country. It used to be a Portuguese colony until 1975. The country is trying to promote tourism. Flights only goes to Accra, Ghana; Gabon; Angola and Portugal. The flight from Ghana is only 1.4 hour and about USD$270 round trip.

This was the 5th country on my 6 country adventure. I flew from Accra, Ghana with TAP Portugal.

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Day 19 (June 28 -Thursday): 

  • I got in almost 9pm. There was a bit of a delay at immigration so I just went to bed as soon as we arrived at the Airbnb. The Airbnb was close to the airport and on the main road, opposite the sea.

Hotel: Val do Liz – 4 nights, booked via Airbnb

Day 20 (June 29, Friday): South Route for São Tomé

  • The following day, I explored the South route of São Tomé and Rola Island where the equator is located.
  • The South route includes City of Santana, Roça Agua Izé, Boca-de-Inferno (Hell’s mouth), Seven Waves and Micondo beaches, Pico Cão-Grande and others. Scenery is beautifulll


Day 21 (June 30, Saturday): North Route for São Tomé

  • Next was the North route. We saw a few waterfalls on the road to the last village on the northern part. Some of the interesting things we saw on the northern route was the point where the Portuguese first arrived on the island, beautiful architecture, Blue Lagoon, Lighthouse, a Túnel on the way to the Santa Catarina village, largest bridge in the country on the Lembá River.

Day 22 (July 1, Sunday): Interior/Central Route

  • For this route, we visited the village of Batepá (where the Batepá Massacre began), Botanical Garden, S. Nicolau Waterfall, Monte Café farm, and Almada Negreiro Restaurant.

My South, North & Central/Interior route tour was arranged by Ban Ben Non tours ( It was overall a great experience; I will definitely use them again

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Day 23 (July 2, Monday): Bombain Waterfalls, Chocolate Factory & Calulu

  • This was supposed to be my rest day but I was not too pleased that we couldn’t see Bombain waterfalls the previous day. I changed hotel to the best hotel in Sao Tomr (Hotel Pestano), they were able to arrange a driver for me to take me to bombain waterfalls – the second main waterfall in Sao Tome.
  • It was a slippery hike to see the waterfalls but it was all worth it. The driver was dope; he dropped me off to an amazing restaurant when we arrived back in town to try the main traditional food – Calulu.
  • Later, I visited the country’s sole chocolate factory. They gave us a tour, we got to sample some chocolate and I bought some. You have to buy a ticket in advance.


Day 24 (July 3, Tuesday): Departure

  • I was scheduled to return to Accra but my flight was at night. The hotel were able to extend my check out time which allowed be to sleep in.
  • I departed for Accra at 8.35pm
  • Overnight in Accra