I was in Panama in Dec 2009 (1 month stay), May 2010 (2 weeks) and November 2011 (2 days).  Since I usually fly with Copa airline, I always have layover in Panama City. This means that I get the opportunity to leave the airport and shop in Panama City or meet up with friends. I spent the best Christmas ever in Bocas del Toro, Panama in Dec 2009.

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Panama: the 51st & cheapest state of the USA


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Country Overview



  • Bocas del Toro: they have four different types of tours you can take, there is something for people that snorkel, scuba dive and surf as well…… not skip the wizard beach – its the best
  • Panama City: Panama Canal and Panama Vieja


Panama City

  • Lunas Castle:Free internet & wi-fi, free pancake breakfast, not a clean hostel, noisy -never quiet even at night, bar downstairs, movie room, chill areas, can be too many people because they have 12 or more dorm room with 5 bunk beds -do the math! In Casco Viejo area and you get discount at restaurant in the Casco Viejo area with your Lunas Castle wrist band, has a kitchen.
  • Mamallena: Great place, close to Casco Viejo area and Via España. Free internet, wi-fi & pancake breakfast, TV, living room, balcony, 2 chill area s with hammocks. Nice owner with lovely, helpful staff, clean hostel, kitchen. Great place to meet people.
  • Pensiona Corona:Not recommended for sole budget travelers, great for couples or groups because there is no dorm room, room cost between $25-$35, AC & TV in room, across the street from Mamallena, very clean & immaculate….


  • Babum Hostel: Laid back staff, swimming pool with chill out area, TV room, kitchen, free internet, wi-fi & pancake breakfast.

Playa las lajas

  • La Spiaza: $30 room is built with concrete, has a private bathroom, fan and looks nice, $20 room built with bamboo, nice, no fan, so heat, need flip-flop for shared bathroom, owners are Italians -make tasty pizzas

Santa Catalina

  • Dos Palmas: Really lovely location, room is $26 has TV, private bathroom & ac….the restaurant has tasty food, beach view

San Blas

  • Isla Robinson: OK place, food is OK, dorm room is aiiright, no electricity after sun goes down, cnt have a shower without clothes because the ‘bathroom’ has no dopor & its built with bambum leaves.
  • Isla Franklin: Concrete bathroom & shower, cleaner & smaller than Isla Robinsons, food OK, basketball & volleyball court, free snorkeling gear, rooms are nicer and the music starts at 7pm to 10.30pm but fun can last until whatever everyone goes to bed.

Bocas del Toro

  • Hostel Heike: On the main street. great staffs, free wi-fi, internet & pancake breakfast, not so clean, great place to meet people, balcony and roof-top terrace with the view of the park, kitchen and very hot bathroom upstairs
  1. Definitely wish I had seen this before I went to Panamá.

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