My favorite country in South America! I fell in love with this country even before I visited it. 2009 was my first time here, I stayed for 4 months. I revisited in 2011 and stayed for the summer (2 months) doing at internship with an NGO in Bogota. I was there again in August 2012 for 3 weeks. I can NEVER get enough of Colombia. You just have to visit and see for yourself.

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  1. For the love of Petronio Alvarez…..    
  2. !!!For you the only risk is wanting to stay BUT for them several Risks Exist!!!
  3. And the fascination continues…….
  4. 🙂 A Nigerian queen in Bogota 🙂 
  5. La Ciudad de Primerva External (The City of External Spring);
  6. Chimba Week!!!;
  7. El Semana de Amor y La Amistad (The week of Love and Friendship);
  8. Otra Chévere Semana (Another cool week);
  9. Senor, please drive us to Scotland……………..;
  10. Hasta Luego Medellín….Bienvenidos a Bogotá;
  11. Cold Bogota – Salsa Cali – ? Buenaventura – Beautiful Medellin – !Oh Cali, you will be missed!;
  12. !Por Fin – A Very Cold Beer after 649 stairs, We deserved it!;
  13. Please keep in mind that when coming to Colombia, you have one very BIG RISK…………….;
  14. My Birthday: !United Nations of Gringos and Natives! in Medellin



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Country Overview

Travel in Colombia – &

Belly DancingDanza Alma (Medellin)

Spanish Classes:

  • Universidad EAFIT:I was not sure about this decision but very grateful I decided to take Spanish lessons in a university setting instead of somewhere else. This experience has made it possible for me to participate in the Colombia culture, have Colombia friends and much more. The program is so organized. Also with the Spanish program, you can sit in two undergraduate classes to help with your listening skills, be pair up with a conservation partner, get help with DAS, get help with choosing home stay & other accommodation options and meet real Colombians.
  • Spanishola: The owner of this school used to be a teacher at Nueva Lengua. She is very good
  • Nueva Lengua: Location in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena
  • Also check with the various universities in your choice of city



  • Hostal Tamarindo: Owned by a Colombia-American lady -Natalie, very nice and helpful. Hostel is very clean , free wi-fi, TV room, equipped kitchen, 2 patios and close to Parque Lleras -3 minutes walk….not a party hostel.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

  • Palma Reina: Really nice owner, they wake you up in the morning with a glass of fresh juice. Hotel has a swimming pool. Rooms come with private bath & TV. Short walk to the center. Food is great and very tasty. Address is Cra.7 con Calle 8 esquina. 8532713 is the phone number


  • Airbnb: Several options. I stayed here in Edifico Lugaro . They have several studios for rent. It has everything you need, microwave, TV with cable, ensuite bathroom, stove, fridge. Very close (walking distance) to transmileno. Owner is helpful. I will stay here again.
  • Destino Nómadas: Very clean hostel, 5 minutes walk to the plaza, helpful staffs, kitchen, bar, TV room, free internet & wi-fi and great place to meet people.


  • Calidad House: Clean hostel, kitchen, free internet & wi-fi, cool staff, TV room, balcony with hammocks. Close to downtown area, usually very quiet therefore not really recommended for solo travelers because it really quiet.
  • Pelican Larry: Great place to meet people, owner is nice and staff helpful, free wi-fi, TV room, chill area with a pool with no water, BBQ on Saturday or Sundays, close to downtown area and has a kitchen for use.


  • Hotel Estelar: Not for budget travelers, free breakfast& wi-fi. Great location, in front of beach & also has a swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Very expensive! Rooms come with private bathroom, ac, balcony and TV.


  • Casa Vienna: Great place to meet people, free wi-fi & internet. Kitchen available, TV room. Extremely clean hostel and awesome staffs. 5 minutes walk to the old city – you will simply love this place.
  • Airbnb: I stayed here. It is located in an area called Marbella (opposite the beach). Very close (walking distance) to the walled city. It is private room with ensuite bathroom. The host is friendly and helpful.



  • Hotel Malecon: okay place. Nice location. Address – Cra. 1a No.26A-60, Phone No – 671 27 25 & 6714662
  • Camino Real Hotel: Address – calle 28#1-124 Los Robles

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