I visited Venezuela Dec 2014-Jan 2015. I fly into Caracas airport. I mostly stayed in Caracas and went on day trip to El Hatillo. I had a great time and I felt safe, mostly because I had Venezuelan friends to show me around. For blog post, click on ‘On Caracas‘. I hope the information below helps you. Feel free to email me for additional questions

                                                                    Country Overview

Flight: Avianca, Copa and Santa Babara Airline (Miami)

Taxi: Black cars are the safest options from the Airport. It is advisable to call for a taxi.

Hotel/B&B (Caracas):

  1. I used Airbnb: I stayed in the Palos Grandes area. It is one of the safest in Caracas and you will be walking distance from bars, restaurants, mall, subway and parks. The house itself is clean, comfortable with an amazing host. This is the Airbnb link of where I stayed.
  2. Atamira Suites: I didn’t stay here but had dinner at their restaurant (The Palms). I am assuming this is a great hotel. It is located in a very safe area. Walking distance to bars, restaurants, mall, subway and parks. It houses the best bar in Caracas – 360.

Sightseeing (Caracas):

  • Marina Grande: private beach. Very close to the airport which means you will need a taxi to get there since it’s about 25-30mins from town. You pay a fee for entrance.
  • Playa Vasito: Public beach beside Marina Grande. It is clean but can get crowded on holidays.
  • Plaza Bolivar: in the downtown area, a nice park and several coffee shops around it.
  • Teleferico to El Avila: You take a metro cable to this site. You get to see the overview of Caracas – amazing view. I had the best hot chocolate here as well 🙂
  • El Galipan: From El Avila, you can take a jeep down to El Galipan. Amazing view as well with lots of restaurants.
  • El Hatillo: Quick drive from Caracas. There is a real interesting souvenir store here.
  • PDVSA La Estancia: I loved this park. They have cool graffiti, workout equipment and games. Located close to the Atamira subway station.
  • Boulevard Sabana Grande: Pedestrian street with lots of shopping, cafe and restaurants. Clothing are very cheap. Great way to enjoy a few hours. On the subway, you get off Sabana Grande and enjoy the boulevard.
  • Chacao: Walking distance from Boulevard Sabana Grande. Same thing as the boulevard.  You can get off at Sabana Grande on the sunway and walk to Chacao or get off at Chacao.
  • El Panteon National: Resting place of Simon Bolivar.
  • Museum Bolivar: next door to Casa Bolivar, the museum is also free.
  • Casa Bolivar: Simon Bolivar birth house. Free entrance.

**For more info on things to do or see in Caracas or Venezuela, check out these sites:

Cafe/Bar/Lounge/Restaurants (Caracas):

  • 360 Bar: The best bar in Caracas. The interior decor is dope. Rooftop bar is epic. Service is excellent and price is reasonable.
  • The Palms restaurant: Housed in the Atamira suites hotel. Reasonably priced with great customer service.
  • Cafe Bolivar: pretty chic cafe in Plaza Bolivar (downtown Caracas). It is housed in Teatro Bolivar building.
  • Miga’s Cafe: Also in Palos Grande area. Delicious at affordable price.


                                                                     Enjoy the pictures

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