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For the love of Jamaica

20150601_143726I just concluded my third visit to Jamaica :). I try to explore something new each time I visit. I didn’t visit a new city or do any of the activities I intended to do :(. However, I explored Kingston :). My first time is Kingston was in April 2014 for a conference. I didn’t get to see the city though, we went from the hotel to the university. I snuck/sneaked out during the conference to see the Bob Marley’s museum and Devon’s house. Anyways, let me tell you all about Kingston (my new favorite city in Jamaica).

I got into Montego Bay at 2pm and surprisingly made the 3pm bus to Kingston since I failed to make reservation. Got into Kingston around 7.30pm and took a taxi to Reggae Hostel. Again, didn’t make a reservation but luckily there was a dorm bed available :). It’s been a habit of late for me not make have any plans for my travel. I went straight to bed since I didn’t sleep the night before the trip because off course I waited to the last minute to pack and finish up some things.20150601_14014620150601_183750

Sunday, I met up with a couchsurfer and we went for ice cream at Devon’s House & later for a stroll at the Emancipation Park. Oh my, the line at Devon’s house was tres long! We waited about 20-25 minutes in line to get ice cream but I guess it was all worth it :). Finally, I got to walk in the Emancipation Park. See, this park is right in front of the hotel I stayed at for the conference. Didn’t get to walk in this because we left the hotel very early and returned very late. Every morning, the statue stared at me or rather I stared at it. So imagine the joy in my heart or is it soul when I got to see the statue and walk in the park. Y’all already know walking is my therapy.

20150603_115337Sunday night, I went to something called Dub Club. It is not your ordinary club, as a manner of fact, I no longer enjoy the typical club scene. It stresses me out. The Dub club is like alternative church. A spiritual uprising. The music played is what you call social consciousness music. Music to uplift folks. Peace Music. Reggae Music. The ambience is dope. No judging zone. You dance anyhow your soul leads you. To top this up, the view is amazing. Since Dub Club is on the hill, you get to see the city of Kingston. What more can you ask for?  I felt peace. I embraced the peace I felt.

Monday, I went back to the Bob Marley’s museum with two French girls I met at the hostel. We also went to other tours – Tuff Gong & Trent Town. Tuff Gong is the recording studio Bob Marley recorded most of the hit album. We met an older Malaysian man who worked with Bob Marley in the studio as a technician and some sort of engineer. He told us stories of his experience working with Bob Marley. He has also visited Nigeria –specifically to Fela Kuti’s shrine. We ended the tour at Trent town, where Bob became his music career. 20150601_153410

Later in the day, I met up with a friend and enjoyed fresh coconut. At night, we went to another dub club – Inner City Dub. Same vibe as Mondays but different area. This Dub was located in Downtown Kingston on the street. Live performance, great ambiance & music as well. I recommend you attend both Dub sessions. Ask Reggae hostel for details or check out the Facebook page for Dub Club & Inner City Dub.

After Kingston, I spent two night in Ochi Rios. I went to the Dums River, met up with local friends and had a great time.

No, I didn’t do most of the activities I planned. Zip lining, encounter with the dolphins & visiting a maroon village. The cost was way out of my travel budget :(. One day.

Jamaica was the first leg of my multi-country trip. I’m in Iceland now. Going to France, UK, Ireland, UAE, Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda in the coming weeks. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for real time pictures.

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