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Hasta Luego Medellín….Bienvenidos a Bogotá

What a week! It was an emotionally one that I will ALWAYS remember for the rest of my life. On Tuesday we had our final exam for level 5, I didn’t do so well but I passed however I’m still proud of myself because I didn’t study at all. On Wednesday Juliana, Lexie and myself visited the mosque in Medellin – ok it wasn’t a mosque. It’s a house that is used as a mosque – no one was around so we couldn’t get in but I’m still glad we went. Juliana drove us, she is a good driver, and then later we went to exotic tattoo to get piercing – Lexie got her belly button pierced and I got my nose pierced for the second time. It was painful however a lot of people said it looks good on me – guess no pain, no gain.

Thursday, Sarah and Juliana joined us at the belly dancing class – we were about 40mins late, but they had fun and Sarah might continue. During the class, a lady walking on the street was robbed – Que triste! Viviana & Julio (the belly dancing & musical teacher) were convinced to go to my going away party – am glad they came.

colo09 2d
We went to a bar (Carol’s boyfriend bar – Cocos Cocktail), the décor was excellent and the music was the best I ever heard during my stay in Medellin. Am glad Diego showed up – Diego is awesome, he is so responsible and respectful – men like him don’t come often, I glad I met him. Michael showed up with his cousin – it was fun hanging out with him cuz we started Spanish class together but never got the chance to hang out. Peter came, now I like Peter because he is very culturally aware – he knows African is not a f***ing country and knows what ‘Pidgin English’ is. He is simply cool and he can dance too. Sarah from Germany, one of the coolest girls I have ever met – I just knew we would be friends the first time I met her, Chris also came – oh Chris is just precious, first time hanging out with him and he’s cute too. My conservation partner Juan Esteban also came – the night was awesome. The DJ played also of Hip-Hop – Dr Dre, Snoop dog, Ja Rule, Camron and others – if y’all know me, y’all will know I am Hip-Hop. So that made my night, I couldn’t drink – all I had was a bottle of the national beer.
Friday was sad because I had to say good-byes to my friends – the guys from Congo, Kenya & Ivory Coast, Juan Fernando – the Spanish program coordinator, Michael, Diego, Jesus, Juanes, Efi and others. Friday night, we decided to hang out once more – Juliana, NuNu, Son, Lexie, Juan David & Chris, we went to a bar in Parque Lleras for cocktails. It was awesome. Juliana gave me a beautiful earring, Lexie gave me earrings & bracelet and my host mum gave me a wooden craft. I feel sooooooooooooo LOVED! Yes, Lexie I would miss you – sometimes you are very annoying that I wish you would just shut up but all the same you are my sister. Juliana & Sarah – you are just awesome, I don’t get along with lots of females but both of you are one of the coolest people I have ever met….thanks for your sincere friendship. My host family is just great; I will surely miss them.
colo09 2fWell I left lovely Medellin Saturday morning to Bogota – I arrived here at 9.30pm and it was freaking cold. The hostel is in a sort of shitty neighborhood – FARC graffiti is written all over the walls but they hostel seem secured. I just went straight to bed because I was way too tired from the bus journey. Next day, I made friends with most of the people here, I went with Frances (a guy from Canada) to buy wine for his mum and food to cook – the first time I cooked since I arrived at Colombia, we cooked pasta together. Later chatted with Jasmine (partly from Algeria & France), some guys from Mexico, Omar, the girls from Canada, a guy from Switzerland. At night, 6 of us crammed in a taxi went to the T-Zone for drinks and food. I tried a honey beer – tasted way better than other beers and the fries were gigantic. I met this guy from London that knows so much about Nigeria – he knows what Jollof rice, egusi soup, goat meat are and he listens to Fela Kuti – he played the tribute CD at the hostal and the people loved it – Fela Kuti is just the best.

I have concluded Bogota is not as charming as Medellin —- it’s too cold and ugly. I’ll just chill in this hostel till Wednesday or Thursday and go to Cali.
This week – I’m hoping to visit the Pablo Escobar hacienda, spend less money and relax a lot.