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Hmm I’m not going to write much but you should be aware that this country is slightly overrated. First, the drop dead gorgeous people you are expecting to see probably don’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, you will find gorgeous folks in Brazil but the beauty is comparable to that of the US or Colombia. I walked off the plane assuming 99% of Brazilians are drop dead gorgeous and it took me a week to get over this shock. One thing though is that the Portuguese language is charming (yes more charming than Spanish).


I only visited Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Bahia). Both places are ok. The only crazy thing I did on this trip is to take a 31 hours bus ride from Rio to Salvador. I’ll never repeat that again.


I spent New Year’s Eve in Salvador and yes we went to the beach to watch the fireworks. I attended lots of live shows, the best is the one by Magary Lord. The Pelourinho (the city center) always have something going on. I really like Salvador, maybe because of the awesome folks I met and hung out with. Plus I met Nigerians :). I visited the Nigerian Cultural house, and the representative made me my favorite Nigerian food :). Salvador is said to have the largest population of African-descendants outside of Africa. Here, the Afro-Brazilian culture and religion is very strong. Salvador is ore enjoyable for short stays because there is only so much you can do for entertainment here.


After 2 weeks in Salvador, I left for Rio. In Rio, I did most of the touristy stuff – Lapa, Pao de Azucar, Ipanema beach, the stairs where Snoop and Pharell shot the video of “beautiful”. The only thing I didn’t do was go to the Christ statue. One of the most fun things I did in Rio was Funky dancing. Funky dancing is similar to Reggeaton, Dancehall, Whining or Grinding dancing.