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Haiti: Feels like home!

Everything you heard about Haiti is probably not true. For one, everybody is not dirt poor and the country (at lease Port au Prince) is not crumbled. There are still buildings standing. Yes, some of the folks that lost their houses to the earthquake are still living in camps. The cholera epidemic is gone. I think you should visit, assess the situation first hand before making a judgment. If you ask me, I would tell you Haiti is just like any of the country I have visited in Latin America.


I had a good time in Haiti. In fact, Haiti just replaced Colombia as my favorite country! I traveled with four of my friends from the university and we met up with another friend that graduated from the same university but now works in Haiti. I couchsurfed – if you don’t already know about the great site), our host was the best. Her family went beyond to make us feel comfortable and she lives in an interesting house. When next you find yourself in Port au Prince, Haiti – look up Poncia on couchsurf and she’ll show you a great time.

   hait5We ended up being 7 beautiful ladies in PAP (Port au Prince) and we had fun. Our friend who works in Haiti did an awesome job organizing everything. We took the party bus and bar crawled. The first bar we went to was my favorite, the setting was pleasant and one would write on the wall. The second bar – Press Café – I believe it’s the name was filled. Entrance fee was USD$10 but the music was good. Our first night we went to a live music event – RAM is the name of the place and band. The group was Awesome and the vibe was good. They play every Thursday. We also went to a youth live music concert at the French institute – another couchsufer member took us there.

My friends went to the beach for an overnight stay but I stayed over in PAP because am a city girl. I hung out with Poncia and her friends. At night, we went to a house party that played just ‘house’ music throughout. The neighborhood was really cool – all the houses were mansion and gated. I look forward to going back to Haiti. This time for more than a week so I can visit other parts of the country like Cap Haitien .


Yes, there were still people living in camp. and Yes, poor people do exist. However, there is another side to Haiti you never heard or see in the media. The side that picture middle-class and working class folks, the rich culture and diversity.