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I had my picture taken by a photographer. I met this photographer guy from the States while I was strolling the streets of Oaxaca. He wanted to take pictures of me and use it for some exhibition. I agreed. He promised to send the photos to me but I still haven’t received it. After 4 days in Oaxaca, I left to Mexico City aka ‘El D.F’ -the capital of Mexico.

El D.F was great, I totally loved it – big cities simply make me happy. Anyways I got there on a Friday & went directly to Daniela’s house – she is the girl from Couchsurfing & I stayed with her for 4 days. She is amazing and her family is great too – they made me feel at home. That Friday was her birthday so I joined the party. The next day was her friends birthday at Xochomilco (colorful boats carnival), we had a blast. I went to yet another ruins – the sun & moon pyramids in Teotihuacan which is about 45 minutes away from Mexico City, I learned how to use the metro which is easy & very cheap. I just loved walking in the Downtown area which has everything.


My first stop in Mexico was Tulum – the ruins are smaller but surrounded by the beach, which makes it a spectacular place to visit. I stayed for just 1 day. Next to Merida – a beautiful city, there I took a tour to Chichen Itza, it is an okay ruins. The hostel I stayed in Merida is amazing – it had a swimming pool, girls only dorm and bathroom – I loved it. At the bus station for my bus to Palenque, I bummed into Adrian & Christof (the 2 Swiss I met in Panama & traveled with in Nicaragua). We stayed in an hotel in the jungle – it was awesome and Palenque is ‘el máximo (the best)’ ruins I have seen so far in Mexico – you can compare it to Tikal of Guatemala.

Then we went to San Critobal de las casas – a beautiful but VERY cold city, we couldn’t find a hostel. They were all full due to semana santa (Easter) however we ran into a woman that showed us to one – it was half the price of the average hostel and had the same amenities plus a VERY clean bathroom. I got sick while I was there, I swine flu – the Swiss boys took care of me. I also met with a girl from Couchsurfing (I had set up an account since last year but never used it), it was interesting, we went out for drinks and to the club and I will be using it more often now.

Now am at Oaxaca, equally beautiful but not as cold as San Cristobal. Today I went to yet another ruins with 2 girls from Holland – it was nice but small. Unfortunately, my pics from Belize, Tulum & Chichen Itza got erased from my camera. The only good thing is Pam took a lot of pictures from Belize so I can borrow some of hers.


Tomorrow I’ll be off to Mexico City and I’ll be surfing on a couch (my first real experience from Couchsurfing), I’m excited…..Oh another good news, I got response from graduate schools – I got accepted to Cornell, NYU, UW & 2 other school in Europe, now am down to deciding between Cornell or NYU!!! I’ll tell you about my Couchsurfing experience on the next blog – Adios…………..
El D.F
El D.F

!Belizing it!


Belize was nothing like I imagined it will be. I LOVED it and stayed more days than planned. On my second day, I met Barry who introduced me to some wonderful people. Together we had fun in Belize, we had lunch in a house in the middle of the sea (the house has a swimming pool right in the middle of the sea -amazing, right. The boys cooked and Kelly made the best pina coladas ever. The next day we visited San Pedro (that Island Madonna sang about – la Isla bonita) with Barry as our guide.


I rode with Kelly & Pam (2 of the wonderful people Barry introduced me to) in a rented car to San Ignacio, we went to the market on the Guatemala side of the border and drove to Hopkins. While there, I took a day visit to Dangriga with Isabelle (another of the great people I was introduced to -she has a tour company in Hopkins, so if you need one will put you through) and I saw a Nigerian (yes I was HAPPY, after 8 months on the road, it felt good to see one of us), they had a Nigerian church and stores that sell Nigerian movies (Nigerian movies are a big deal in Belize). It was sad to leave but definitely I will be going back – I loved everything about Belize and I stayed in a cool hostel right in front of the beach at Caye Caulker.


– Adios…………..