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Festivo de Luna Llena (Full Moon Festival)

Not all Central America’s capital are worthless, Managua is very beautiful, also rich in culture like Leon but slightly more expensive. This is my opinion, I am a city girl and love every thing city. I stayed in this hostel -Managua backpackers inn- the best hostel I have stayed in so far during my travel. Its not expensive USD$8/night for a dorm bed, the same price as you will pay in San Juan del sur or Granada, the living room is very cozy, the kitchen, rooms and bathroom is super clean and they have a swimming pool & a chill area at the back. The staffs are friendly and the owner is cool. Also the hostel is only 10 minutes walk to a big shopping mall, supermarket, bus terminal and restaurants. I stayed here for 3 days and returned to San Juan del sur because two friends I met in Panama were there, we just chilled at the beaches and I watched the guys surf.


On Tuesday, we went to Playa Popoyo – such a beautiful isolated town. It was fun, one night the guys made bonfire at the beach and other nights we just chilled in the hammock. On Friday we returned to San Juan del Sur because of the Full Moon festival on Saturday.

The ‘full moon’ festival was a blast -it started at 12noon and ended at about 1am the next morning, we got to the festival at around 6pm and left reluctantly at 1am. The festival was in a finca (farm house) 15 mins away from town, there was a free shuttle (you just have to tip the driver) to get people in & out, live reggae & rock music band, cheap beer, cheap good food, hippies with fire balls and almost free cover entrance (you donate whatever amount you want – the money is used to support local causes).

Well I left San Juan del Sur for good on Monday to Ometepe Island – I had to go back because I forgot my journal in one of the hostels I stayed in, unfortunately I didn’t find it there either. I was a bit sad because the journal meant a lot to me but oh well what can I do. On Tuesday, I went to Granada for just 3 hours to buy my plane ticket to the Corn Islands before going to Managua. One of the beauty of Nicaragua is that most cities are 2 hours away from each other. So its very easy to travel around.

The Corn Islands (Big & little Corn) are on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, you can get there by bus and boat but I choose to fly because the boat ride from the Bluefield to the Corn Island is 5 hours and there is no way I can do that. I got sick every time I took the 1 hour ferry to Ometepe so there is no way I can do 5 hours on a boat. The flight cost USD$164 round trip and the combination of bus & boat would have cost just USD$60.

Little Corn
I’m looking forward to the Corn Islands, I have heard it is paradise, well my flight is in 4 hours so I have to go prepare……………….

until next time…