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Mate o Nada! (Mate or Nothing)


Uruguay was my last stop in the 6 weeks tour of South America. I wasn’t expecting too much here but was inspired by the lovely people of Uruguay. I took the ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonial, Uruguay. It was an hour ride; I used Colonial Express ferry service instead of the Busquebus ferry service. Colonial express was half the price of Busquebus. I spent about four hours exploring Colonial – it would be such a nice city in the summer. Then I took the 2.5hours bus to Montevideo.




Immediately, I fell in love with Montevideo. The city is not fancy or big like Buenos Aires but it is pretty in its own way. The people are much nicer as well. I stayed in a really great hostel – Impeccable Hostel- very close (2 blocks) to the Plaza independencia and the old city.

One thing you would notice in Uruguay is the love for Mate. Mate is a drink made from loose leaves. Everybody (well almost) had a flask of hot water and mate in their hands on the street of Montevideo.

I took my time exploring the city; I had 6 days here so I wasn’t in a rush. I also frequented local bars with some folks from Montevideo. One night we tried going salsa dancing but ended up in a techno club (I’m not a fan).

The coolest thing was I met two Nigerians on the street of Montevideo. I enjoy meeting Nigerians whenever I travel.