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For the love of Petronio Alvarez…


Every August, the city of Cali celebrates the Pacific music festival (Petronio Alvarez Festival) for 5 days. Here, they bring in various musicians from all region of the Pacific coast of Colombia. Since I started visiting Colombia in 2009, I’ve always missed this magnificent festival but this year I made it!!!


The festival was all I expected it to be – great music and pure happiness. I’m glad I was there. Even the rain did not stop the dancing on the third day of the festival. To cap it up, I had the opportunity of meeting 2 of the 3 members of ChoquibTown – Colombia’s most celebrated Hip-Hop group.


Before making it to Cali, I went to San Agustin to see the archaeological site (since I’m an archaeological junkie) and Popayan. I was really disappointed with both San Agustin & Popayan. San Agustin is a very ugly town and the archaeological site was equally depressing. The only good thing was the hostel I stayed – Hotel . It was up in the mountain, had very hot water for shower, Wi-Fi, and it was very clean. For Popayan, I only enjoyed meeting up with my friend Rudy. We meet up with other friends of Rudy and we cooked – I made the Nigerian Fried Rice & she made a delicious coconut milk soup from the Pacific coast of Colombia.

 col2   After Cali, I went back to Bogota and briefly visited Santa Marta. Although I have traveled a lot in Colombia, most of my travels have been within the Pacific & Andean region of the country so it was great returning to the Caribbean coast. Santa Marta is what you expect of a Caribbean town – hot climate, beautiful beach, great food (especially sea food), not fast paced and beautiful people. I enjoyed Santa Martha but was happy to return to Bogota. Visited Taganga while in Santa Martha, again I was disappointed and didn’t get the hype of the place. Taganga is supposed to be the party beach town of the Caribbean coast.

If you ever find yourself in Colombia in the month of August – make sure to go to Cali for the Pacific Music Festival (Petronio Alvarez Festival). Search the internet for specific date as it changes every time.