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River Walk and Cool Bridge

San Antonio had been on my list of top places to visit way back when I lived in Houston. It is only a two hours drive but somehow I never made it there in my 5 years of living in Houston :(. Anyways, I finally made it San Antonio in February. It was everything I imagined it to be. 20150403_203545

So how did I end up in San Antonio? Well, a friend was coming in for a conference and invited me. Glad I accepted the invite and summoned the courage to drive 4 hours from the valley. I drove there on a Friday right after work. We dined at a restaurant in downtown San Antonio and caught up on each other’s life.

I spent Saturday exploring the river walk, the Alamo and downtown area. River Walk seem like something out of the movie. Lots of restaurants, hotels and stores ar20150404_171229e located on both sides of the river. You can even take a boat cruise on the river. I loved the energy there.

Alamo: Okay, it didn’t meet up to my expectation. I had imagined something extravagant in my head. But it was still a great place. Plus lots of museums around.

Two weeks ago, I was in Dallas. See, Dallas is not one of my favorite cities in Texas but I got friends there and we had a three day weekend so Dallas we went. I was able to experience another part of Dallas. Maybe Dallas will warm up to me gradually.

20150404_170629We arrived Friday evening after an 8hours drive from the valley. Bar hopped Friday night J. Saturday, we attended the Deep Ellum Art festival. Yummy food, beautiful overpriced arts, great ambience and cool alternative music. The funnel cake was my favorite. We ended Saturday night at a dope movie theater. We watched Fast & Furious.

Best part of the trips was that I drove. Drove solo to San Antonio and alternated driving with a friend to Dallas. Driving is not my thing so I’m glad I’m not letting it stop me from exploring Texas 🙂

I want to do more of this. I plan on exploring various cities in Texas before I leave…………So Roma, El Paso, Corpus, Laredo, Austin, San Benito, Falfurrias get ready :).

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After 10 months, 10 countries and 52 cities …


It’s a week today since I got back to the United States. I left La Ceiba for Copan 2 weeks ago and then went to Guatemala for a night to get the bus to Mexico. The journey to Mexico was stressful, it took longer than normal because of floods & road closure as a result of the bad weather. But after a full day on the road, I got to Mexico City a day before my flight to the United States. I was happy to be back in Mexico City. I spent the day walking around the downtown area and did some last minute shopping.



FIFA has a fan centre in downtown Mexico City. The centre is open stage with a Big screen to watch the match and live bands play also -its free and safe…….Now that am back to the states, I’m busy preparing for my move to Ithaca, New York -I’ll be driving there with a friend so technically my trip is not over!!!!






So my favorite countries are (1 being the best and 10 being the least)
1. Colombia                          6. Guatemala
2. Honduras                         7. Mexico
3. Belize                                8. Cuba
4. Nicaragua                        9. Costa Rica

5. Panama                            10. El Salvador

Favorite cities

My top 10 favorite cities/towns
1. Cali, Colombia                              6. Mexico City, Mexico
2. La Ceiba, Honduras                    7. Leon, Nicaragua
3. Caye Caulker, Belize                   8. Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala
4. Panama City, Panama                9. Havana, Cuba
5. Medellin, Colombia                     10. Bocas del Toro, Panama



Least 5 favorite cities/town
1. San Salvador, El Salvador
2. Granada, Nicaragua
3. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
4. Playa el Tunco, El Salvador
5. Trinidad, Cuba


I’m extremely glad I was able to do this trip – it did change some of my views on certain cultures and issues and it definitely widen my horizon. I met a lot of great people, did a lot of wonderful things, visited some of the world finest Mayan Archeology sites, tried new food (I now love Bagels and Ravioli), got sick twice, took belly dancing classes, acquire a taste for some of the world’s best Ron (in my opinion -Flor de Cana & Havana Rum) and hitchhiked .





Some of the things I would do differently next time are to pack more lightly and bank with Citibank. Citibank has branches in every country in Central America and Colombia -if I banked with them I would have saved lots of money from ATM charges when I took out money from the ATM.




Now am just glad to be back, it was a great feeling going to my former job and seeing my co-workers and students. Now am getting ready for Atlanta, Georgia – my niece is going to be 1, it will be July 4 next weekend and I’ll be seeing my mum and sister & brother in law.


I have no regrets and I’ll do this all over again. Many thanks to everybody that read my blogs, all the wonderful people I met. I hope you stay true to your words when you said ‘my house is your house’ because am coming to visit your town/country one day.



Yeah, I have more trips in the planning stage. I intend to visit my country -Nigeria and if possible Germany, Togo & Ghana this December and for next summer I’m thinking South America – Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. So yes, more blogs will be on the way……..