I started having mixed feeling as my one year adventure across Latin America approached but I was determined to make it worthwhile. Packing was a pain as I had problem fitting everything I wanted in a 50 liters backpack, anyways I ended up with a 40 pounds backpack and a 20 pound hand language.

I became anxious once my Copa Airline flight landed in Medellin – I started asking myself why I didn’t familiarize myself with the currency or why I didn’t polish the little Spanish I knew. The taxi driver the hostel arranged for me took mi to a casa de cambio to change my money to pesos – we chatted the whole 45minutes to the hostal and he commended me on my Spanish speaking skills . The hostel – Hostal Tamarindo has a tranquillo sense to it and a cool English speaking Colombian-American owner – Natalie. However I wasn’t too thrill about sharing the room with 9 other people but oh well! The room is spacious though with 5 bunk bed, a big window, clean bathroom and a outside patio.

Once I put my stuff away, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood -El Problado in Zona Rosa. It’s pretty with a lot of outdoor cafes, I went to the talked about park- Parque LLeras but I was not too impressed – maybe because I was expecting it to be like Parque Central in Xela, Guatemala, but it was much smaller and lacked the charming feeling of parque central. I found another park – Parque Problado – it was much bigger than the previous but still lacked the charming feeling I was looking for and is surrounded by a very busy road. Anyways, I got lost walking back to the hostal, so I took a taxi .

So far, I love it here in Medellin especially because I have been able to blend in (there is no shortage of morenos in this town – unlike in Xela). People dnt stare at me or ask to take a picture of me cuz its their first time seeing one. Also Medellin is very modernized – I still feel like I’m in the States cuz I can find everything here. Oh – they recycle here, in the hostals, parks, street – there is a recycle bin – Que Bueno!

Well, I started Spanish classes at Universidad EAFIT on Thursday and hopefully home stay on Friday – am looking forward to both….


About The Adventures of a Nigerian-American

I love to experience new cultures and explore the world. My family calls me ‘Ajala the Traveler’. Ajala is a Nigerian who lived in the 1950s. It is said that Ajala loved to travel and has visited all the countries in the world. Several legend and myths have been woven around his personality and travels. It is also claimed he traveled using a scooter, a truck and on foot. He rose to fame when a song was written in his honor by a Nigerian musician. The song begins “Ajala travels all over the world…” Well, am not Ajala nor have I traveled as much as he did but I do LOVE to travel. At every opportunity I get, I never hesitate to hop on a plane or international bus. As of June 2022, I have been to 71 countries . When I'm not traveling, I teach, go on long walks and read a book.

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