Hasta Luego Medellín….Bienvenidos a Bogotá

What a week! It was an emotionally one that I will ALWAYS remember for the rest of my life. On Tuesday we had our final exam for level 5, I didn’t do so well but I passed however I’m still proud of myself because I didn’t study at all. On Wednesday Juliana, Lexie and myself visited the mosque in Medellin – ok it wasn’t a mosque. It’s a house that is used as a mosque – no one was around so we couldn’t get in but I’m still glad we went. Juliana drove us, she is a good driver, and then later we went to exotic tattoo to get piercing – Lexie got her belly button pierced and I got my nose pierced for the second time. It was painful however a lot of people said it looks good on me – guess no pain, no gain.

Thursday, Sarah and Juliana joined us at the belly dancing class – we were about 40mins late, but they had fun and Sarah might continue. During the class, a lady walking on the street was robbed – Que triste! Viviana & Julio (the belly dancing & musical teacher) were convinced to go to my going away party – am glad they came.

colo09 2d
We went to a bar (Carol’s boyfriend bar – Cocos Cocktail), the décor was excellent and the music was the best I ever heard during my stay in Medellin. Am glad Diego showed up – Diego is awesome, he is so responsible and respectful – men like him don’t come often, I glad I met him. Michael showed up with his cousin – it was fun hanging out with him cuz we started Spanish class together but never got the chance to hang out. Peter came, now I like Peter because he is very culturally aware – he knows African is not a f***ing country and knows what ‘Pidgin English’ is. He is simply cool and he can dance too. Sarah from Germany, one of the coolest girls I have ever met – I just knew we would be friends the first time I met her, Chris also came – oh Chris is just precious, first time hanging out with him and he’s cute too. My conservation partner Juan Esteban also came – the night was awesome. The DJ played also of Hip-Hop – Dr Dre, Snoop dog, Ja Rule, Camron and others – if y’all know me, y’all will know I am Hip-Hop. So that made my night, I couldn’t drink – all I had was a bottle of the national beer.
Friday was sad because I had to say good-byes to my friends – the guys from Congo, Kenya & Ivory Coast, Juan Fernando – the Spanish program coordinator, Michael, Diego, Jesus, Juanes, Efi and others. Friday night, we decided to hang out once more – Juliana, NuNu, Son, Lexie, Juan David & Chris, we went to a bar in Parque Lleras for cocktails. It was awesome. Juliana gave me a beautiful earring, Lexie gave me earrings & bracelet and my host mum gave me a wooden craft. I feel sooooooooooooo LOVED! Yes, Lexie I would miss you – sometimes you are very annoying that I wish you would just shut up but all the same you are my sister. Juliana & Sarah – you are just awesome, I don’t get along with lots of females but both of you are one of the coolest people I have ever met….thanks for your sincere friendship. My host family is just great; I will surely miss them.
colo09 2fWell I left lovely Medellin Saturday morning to Bogota – I arrived here at 9.30pm and it was freaking cold. The hostel is in a sort of shitty neighborhood – FARC graffiti is written all over the walls but they hostel seem secured. I just went straight to bed because I was way too tired from the bus journey. Next day, I made friends with most of the people here, I went with Frances (a guy from Canada) to buy wine for his mum and food to cook – the first time I cooked since I arrived at Colombia, we cooked pasta together. Later chatted with Jasmine (partly from Algeria & France), some guys from Mexico, Omar, the girls from Canada, a guy from Switzerland. At night, 6 of us crammed in a taxi went to the T-Zone for drinks and food. I tried a honey beer – tasted way better than other beers and the fries were gigantic. I met this guy from London that knows so much about Nigeria – he knows what Jollof rice, egusi soup, goat meat are and he listens to Fela Kuti – he played the tribute CD at the hostal and the people loved it – Fela Kuti is just the best.

I have concluded Bogota is not as charming as Medellin —- it’s too cold and ugly. I’ll just chill in this hostel till Wednesday or Thursday and go to Cali.
This week – I’m hoping to visit the Pablo Escobar hacienda, spend less money and relax a lot.


About The Adventures of a Nigerian-American

I love to experience new cultures and explore the world. My family calls me ‘Ajala the Traveler’. Ajala is a Nigerian who lived in the 1950s. It is said that Ajala loved to travel and has visited all the countries in the world. Several legend and myths have been woven around his personality and travels. It is also claimed he traveled using a scooter, a truck and on foot. He rose to fame when a song was written in his honor by a Nigerian musician. The song begins “Ajala travels all over the world…” Well, am not Ajala nor have I traveled as much as he did but I do LOVE to travel. At every opportunity I get, I never hesitate to hop on a plane or international bus. As of June 2022, I have been to 71 countries . When I'm not traveling, I teach, go on long walks and read a book.

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